Yellow Nutsedge

yellow-nutsedgeYellow Nutsedge is also referred to as yellow nut-grass. It is not a true grass but rather a sedge. It can be recognized by its erect 3-angled shiny yellow-green grass-like leaves, which originate in groups of 3 at a common point at the base of the plant. If you dig up an established plant you will find 1-2 cm. long tubers (nuts) at the end of rhizomes located under the soil. The flower is similar to those of grasses. The yellowish or brownish spikelets are present from July to September. Nutsedge reproduces primarily by means of its underground tubers. The overwintering tubers sprout and seedlings emerge from May until mid-July. The tubers have the ability to remain dormant for 10+ years in the soil.

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