goosegrassGoosegrass is a summer annual. The most obvious characteristic of goosegrass is its very ­flat stem. Another unique characteristic of goosegrass when compared to other weedy grasses is the very white color of the crown and lower stems as the plant matures. Goosegrass can grow to heights of 2½ feet if not mowed. Many people often misidentify it as crabgrass. The reason for this is that goosegrass and crabgrass have similar emergence patterns – both have membranous ligules and similar-shaped leaves. However, goosegrass is darker green, with a whitish, silvery color near its ­ flattened stem base. Another difference between the two grass species is that crabgrass has hair on the upper leaf surface and goosegrass does not. Goosegrass typically emerges from April to September and reproduces by seeds.

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