crabgrassCrabgrass is very noticeable in lawns. It is a rapid growing, coarse textured yellowish-green grass that is conspicuous when found growing among fine textured, dark green cool-season turf grasses. The stems spread outward and have many branches. Its roots develop at nodes on the prostrate stems and the first leaf is only about twice as long as it is wide. It is tinged light purple, has a white strip running down the center and has silky, shiny hair. Its leaves are 2/5- to 1/2-inch wide and 1/3- to 1-inch long. The leaf sheaths of large crabgrass seedlings are tinged purple and are covered with long stiff hairs. The ligules, thin membranes or rows of hair at the top of the junction of the leaf sheath and the leaf blade, are membranous, flat at the top and smooth. Large and small crabgrass are the only species of the grass family which have membranous ligules.

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